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Have any questions or concerns? We’re always ready to help!

Call us at 202-417-6223 or send us an email at


What are my shipping options? 

All orders are mailed via USPS with tracking. 


How do I track my order? 


Your tracking number will be emailed to the email address we have on file once your product(s) are shipped. 


Can I expedite my order? 

Yes, you can expedite your order for an additional cost. 


Can I cancel, exchange, or return my order for a refund?

Donnell Vincent will honor product exchanges and subscription cancellations. However, no cash or credit card refunds at this time. 

What payment methods do you accept?

PayPal and major credit cards accepted. 

How do I purchase a subscription? 

To purchase a subscription, you can visit our Shop Here page. Enter your billing and shipping information and you are all set. You will be billed as soon as you sign-up and then receive a confirmation email shortly after.  

How does this subscription work?
Do I have to renew or resubscribe every month?  

All monthly subscriptions automatically renew every month on the 25th as long as your billing information is valid and you haven't cancelled. Once you subscribe, you will receive a new box each month with no need to reorder.

Do you sell your products separately? 

Yes, products can be purchased individually.

Visit the Shop Here page to shop any of our products found in our curated subscription boxes. 

Are taxes and shipping fees included in the price? 

Taxes and shipping fees are not included in the price and will be calculated at checkout. 

When is the monthly billing date? 

For monthly subscribers, the billing date will be the 25th of each month. 


How do I update my shipping address?


For monthly subscribers, your shipping address can be updated through the PayPal website. All others can email if you need assistance updating your shipping address after placing an order. 

What is a Donnell Vincent Style Box? What will I receive? 

A Donnell Vincent Style Box is the first subscription box that caters to men, women of masculine center, queer, gender-fluid, binary and transgender consumers. Items in the subscription boxes are curated to reflect the Xtraordinary, the Xtreme, and the Xceptional image designed to complement you. Arriving at your doorstep monthly,  you can expect five-to-six products, from socks and ties to pens and grooming items. 

Can I purchase a one-time style box without committing to a subscription?

At this time, we do offer the purchasing of a single Donnell Vincent Style Box. 

Can I customize my box to match my preferences? 

For all subscriptions, we prefer to keep the products a surprise! 

How do I cancel my subscription? 

Monthly subscriptions can be cancelled 30-days in advance of the next billing cycle to avoid being charged

for the upcoming month. To cancel, email

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